Gunvault Microvault Mv500

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Looking for the perfect gun safe that’s both reliable and compact? Then look no further than the Gunvault Microvault Mv500. In this roundup article, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the Microvault Mv500, its features, and why gun owners all over the country are raving about it. So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and let’s get started on your journey to finding the ultimate gun safe for your needs.

The Top 12 Best Gunvault Microvault Mv500

  1. RFID Gun Safe with WiFi Monitoring System — Unlock rapid access and unparalleled security with Hornady Security RAPiD Safes, featuring RFID technology, adjustable interior shelves, and WiFi connectivity for ultimate firearm protection.
  2. Hornady Rapid Safe: Convenient and Secure RFID Gun Vault for Quick Access — Secure your valuables with the Hornady Rapid Safe — Keypad Vault RFID, featuring touch-free entry, heavy-duty steel construction, and RFID technology for quick access and added security.
  3. GunVault MultiVault Deluxe GV 2000D — Secure, Convenient, and Perfect for Multiple Valuables — Secure your valuables and firearms with the GunVault MultiVault Deluxe GV2000D handgun safe, featuring a patented biometric lock, motion detector alarm, and endless customizable access codes.
  4. V-Line Quick Vault XL — Large Slider Gun Safe with Stainless Steel Finish and Dial Combination Lock — Protect your valuables with the Quick Vault XL 41214 QVXL, featuring a programmable Simplex lock, 14 ga steel construction, and spacious concealment capabilities for peace of mind.
  5. Hornady Rapid Safe WiFi Compact Single Shotgun Safe with RFID Technology — Secure your firearms with lightning-fast access and top-of-the-line security features, thanks to the Hornady Rapid Safe Compact Ready Vault with WiFi and RFID technology.
  6. Secure GunVault DrawerVault Biometric Safe with 120 Unique Fingerprints — The Gunvault DrawerVault GVB 3000 Biometric is a tamper-resistant, USA-made option for securely storing firearms or other valuables in most standard drawers, offering biometric entry for 120 fingerprints and California DOJ approval.
  7. Programmable Gunvault MultiVault GV2050–19 — The Gunvault MultiVault GV2050–19 offers rapid access to four handguns with an auto-slide-out tray, programmable access code, and a modernized design featuring an illuminated keypad for easy use in low-light conditions.
  8. Gunvault MiniVault GV1050–19: High-Security, Fast Access Gun Safe with Illuminated Keypad — The Gunvault MiniVault GV1050–19 provides unbeatable quick access security with a 20% faster auto slide-out drawer, red LED interior lighting, illuminated No-Eyes keypad and heavy-duty steel construction for ultimate peace of mind.
  9. Secure Two-Gun Keypad Vault for Handgun Storage — Securely store and protect your handguns and valuables with ease using the SnapSafe Keypad Vault, featuring a programmable code, compact size, and quick access spring-loaded door.
  10. Gunvault MultiVault Deluxe: High-Security Safe with Motion Detector and Audio Alarm — The Gunvault MultiVault Deluxe is a secure, versatile, and reliable safe with advanced features for ultimate protection, making it a top choice for gun and valuables storage.
  11. Gunvault Rangevault GVRV100BK22: Compact, Secure Firearm Storage Solution — Secure your firearms and keep them safe on the go with the compact Gunvault Rangevault, featuring a welded steel construction and electronic lock with a backup key for added protection.
  12. Compact TSA-Approved Gun Safe with Security Cable — Gunvault NanoVault 300 — Experience ultimate security and portability with the Gunvault NanoVault 300 Compact Gun Safe, featuring TSA-approval, durable 18-gauge steel, and a 1,500-pound tested security cable.

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RFID Gun Safe with WiFi Monitoring System


Hornady Rapid Safes have become my go-to for secure firearm storage. The digital keypad and backup mechanical key make entry a breeze, while the RFID technology ensures that only authorized users can access the vault. The neoprene floor mat not only prevents gun stocks from slipping, but also enables upright storage of long guns, maximizing space.

One downside is the occasional need to recharge the batteries, but it ensures the safety is always ready for use 24/7. The interior shelf is also adjustable, allowing for custom storage configurations. It’s California DOJ Approved, adding another layer of peace of mind.

Hornady Rapid Safe: Convenient and Secure RFID Gun Vault for Quick Access


I recently had the pleasure of using the Hornady Rapid Safe — Keypad Vault RFID as a secure storage solution for my valuables, and I must say it exceeded my expectations in terms of convenience and security. The patented RFID technology is a game-changer, allowing me to access my belongings with just a quick tap without the hassle of remembering complex codes or struggling with keys. The touch-free entry definitely adds a layer of convenience that I didn’t expect from a safe.

One of the features that stood out to me was the heavy-duty tamper-proof steel construction. It ensures that my valuables are well-protected from unauthorized access, making it a reliable option for safeguarding important items. The three entry methods available — RFID reader, access code, mechanical key — add flexibility and cater to different preferences and situations.

However, I did encounter a small issue with the noise. When the safe opens or closes, it emits a slight sound that might be a bit unsettling for some. But overall, the pros of this safe definitely outweigh the minor cons.

I highly recommend the Hornady Rapid Safe — Keypad Vault RFID to anyone in need of a secure yet convenient storage solution for their valuables. Its innovative features and robust construction make it a worthwhile investment for those seeking peace of mind and easy access.

GunVault MultiVault Deluxe GV 2000D — Secure, Convenient, and Perfect for Multiple Valuables


The Gunvault MultiVault Deluxe GV 2000D is a secure storage solution for your firearms and valuables. Made of 16-gauge steel with a Zerust treatment to prevent rust and corrosion, it’s built to last. With an interior shelf, you can easily organize your firearm, jewelry, important documents, and other small valuables. The safe features a patented No-Eyes digital keypad for quick access, with over 12 million user-selectable access codes for added security.

One unique aspect of this safe is the ability to store up to 20 fingerprints, allowing everyone who needs access to have it. The safe also includes additional security features, such as a computer within the safe that prevents access after repeated invalid entries, a high-strength lock mechanism, and motion detector alarm with audio and LED low battery warnings.

In my experience using the Gunvault MultiVault Deluxe GV 2000D, I appreciated the sturdy construction and the organized interior. The fingerprint feature was convenient, as it gave everyone who needed access the ability to do so. However, I noticed that the foam lining could droop, which could be annoying to some users. Additionally, the middle shelf seemed a bit flimsy, and I might consider replacing it with a stronger one. Overall, the Gunvault MultiVault Deluxe GV 2000D is a reliable and secure option for storing your firearms and valuables.

V-Line Quick Vault XL — Large Slider Gun Safe with Stainless Steel Finish and Dial Combination Lock


I recently had the pleasure of trying out the V-Line Quick Vault XL 41214 QVXL, a larger version of the popular Quick Vault model. This handy security case is designed to provide quick access to your valuables, offering over twice the space of the standard Quick Vault. Its sturdy construction of 16 gauge steel and added anti-pry brackets ensures maximum security for your belongings.

One of the standout features I noticed is the Simplex lock, which boasts easy programming and an impressive 1081 possible combinations. The lock mechanism is incredibly convenient and user-friendly, making it an ideal solution for everyday access. Additionally, the 3/8 inch thick steel lock block and welded cover help guide the lock bolt, providing extra strength and durability.

The Quick Vault XL excels in terms of installation, as it comes with pre-punched holes for hassle-free mounting in-between wall studs. The lock bolts directly through the inner frame of the case, preventing prying attempts. The interior of the case is neatly finished with felt lining on all sides, protecting its contents and adding a touch of class.

However, one downside I encountered was the limited warranty offered by the manufacturer. Despite the case’s solid construction, any potential issues would be covered only for a year. Another minor drawback was the need for a power drill and a Philips head screwdriver to complete the installation process.

Overall, I had a positive experience with the V-Line Quick Vault XL. It offers a convenient storage solution with easy access and strong security features. If you’re in the market for a reliable in-wall safe, this could be a great choice for you.

Hornady Rapid Safe WiFi Compact Single Shotgun Safe with RFID Technology


I recently had the chance to try the Hornady Rapid Safe Compact Ready Vault with WiFi, and I was really impressed. This safe offers lightning-fast access with its built-in RFID technology and a convenient RFID bracelet and key. The heavy-duty steel construction and hardened steel locking mechanism provide unparalleled tool and pry protection, ensuring my firearms are safe from unauthorized users.

One of the highlights was the user-programmable keypad, allowing me to set my own security code. The interior shelf can be adjusted on the interior peg board wall, providing flexibility for storage options. I also appreciated the pre-drilled bolt-down holes and the fact that this safe is California DOJ Approved.

However, there were a few downsides. The RFID technology could be tricky to set up, and the battery power might need frequent replacement. Additionally, the WiFi feature might not be as necessary for everyone. Overall, this Hornady Rapid Safe Compact Ready Vault with WiFi is a solid option for those looking for quick access to their firearms, but potential buyers should be aware of the cons before making their decision.

Secure GunVault DrawerVault Biometric Safe with 120 Unique Fingerprints


I recently started using the GunVault Biometric Drawervault Safe as a protective solution for my handguns, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations. The safe fits perfectly into my standard drawer, and its biometric scanner not only makes it super secure but also sleek and elegant.

One of the unique features that I found most interesting is that it can store up to 120 individual fingerprints. Now, I know what you’re thinking, but in reality, it’s quite impressive how convenient this aspect is. It’s been a little hit or miss with the speed of the fingerprint scanner, but I’m starting to figure out the best angle to match my finger with.

The safe’s construction is outstanding; it’s made from 18-gauge steel, providing durability and strength that you can rely on. Plus, the included backup override key gives me peace of mind in case I ever have issues with the biometric unlocking.

Overall, I’ve had a positive experience using this Drawervault Biometric Safe, and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a stylish and secure handgun storage solution that fits neatly into their standard drawer.

Programmable Gunvault MultiVault GV2050–19


When I first heard about the GunVault MultiVault GV2050–19, I was intrigued by the prospect of having a convenient and secure way to store my handguns. As someone who values quick access to their firearms, I was eager to try it out.

Right off the bat, I was impressed by its modernized design — unlike traditional safes, the MultiVault GV2050–19 features an automatic door and a slide-out tray, making it incredibly easy to access my handguns. The illuminated keypad made it simple to program and use even in low light conditions, adding to the convenience factor.

While I was overall happy with the product, there were a few minor drawbacks that I encountered during my use. For one, the battery status indicator, while a helpful feature, could have been more conspicuous, making it easier to monitor the power supply. Additionally, the backup override key felt a bit flimsy and lacked the sturdy feel of the rest of the safe.

Overall, my experience with the GunVault MultiVault GV2050–19 was largely positive. Its quick access and automatic door made it a standout choice among traditional safes, and the modern design added a touch of sophistication to my firearm storage solution. With minor drawbacks balanced by the convenient features, I would definitely consider recommending this product to others in need of secure and rapid handgun access.

Gunvault MiniVault GV1050–19: High-Security, Fast Access Gun Safe with Illuminated Keypad


I recently gave the Gun Vault MiniVault GV1050–19 a shot at securing my handgun, and I must say, it delivered on the promise of easy and quick access to my firearm. The foam-padded slide-out drawer was a game-changer in gaining entry to the safe, especially in low-light conditions, as the interior red LED lighting provided a helpful visual cue.

However, despite the convenient access, the product wasn’t entirely without its drawbacks. I found that with more complex access codes, it could be challenging to remember and input the sequence quickly, especially in stressful situations. Also, I noticed some minor quality control issues, especially with the foam padding, which seemed prone to detaching from the gun safe.

In conclusion, the Gun Vault MiniVault GV1050–19 proved efficient at providing fast and secure access to a firearm, especially in a pinch. However, it’s essential to consider these minor drawbacks and weigh them against your specific needs when making the purchase.

Secure Two-Gun Keypad Vault for Handgun Storage


Recently, I’ve been using the SnapSafe, a compact keypad vault for conveniently storing and securing my handguns and valuables. When I first opened the box, I appreciated the sturdy construction of the 16-gauge steel. The pre-drilled holes for easy mounting made installation a breeze.

The keypad vault’s most striking feature is its quick access. With a spring-loaded door, the vault opens immediately as I enter my customized code. This is especially reassuring when I need to quickly access my valuables in case of an emergency.

However, the battery life seems to be a concern. The SnapSafe requires four AA batteries, and the audible and visible low-battery indicators weren’t sufficient to prevent surprise battery changes.

Overall, the SnapSafe’s design and quick access stand out in its functionality. While the battery life could be improved, the vault’s affordability and space for two handguns or valuables make it an acceptable choice for my security needs.

Gunvault MultiVault Deluxe: High-Security Safe with Motion Detector and Audio Alarm


I recently stumbled upon the Gunvault MultiVault Deluxe safe, and it has quickly become a staple in my daily life for protecting my valuables. The exterior, made of 16-gauge steel, is both sleek and sturdy, while the soft interior foam provides a cushioned layer of protection for my belongings.

The safe’s high-strength lock mechanism has been a reliable addition to my home security, ensuring that my valuables stay safe and secure. The precision fittings make it virtually impossible to pry open with hand tools, adding an extra layer of security. I appreciate the built-in computer blocks access feature, which prevents unauthorized entry by blocking after a series of incorrect keypad entries.

A standout feature of this safe is the unique No-Eyes Keypad, which allows me to quickly access the contents without revealing the combination to anyone. The audio disable option adds an additional level of security by allowing me to operate the safe silently. The motion detector with audio alarm is a handy feature, ensuring that I know if someone attempts to pry open the safe or tamper with it.

One slight drawback is that the safe doesn’t come with batteries, so I have to provide my own power source. However, the availability of the external AC power supply makes this an easy fix. Overall, the Gunvault MultiVault Deluxe has proven to be a reliable and secure choice for safeguarding my valuables.

Gunvault Rangevault GVRV100BK22: Compact, Secure Firearm Storage Solution


My experience with the Gunvault Rangevault GVRV100BK22 has been a solid one. The compact design with carry handle makes it easy to carry with me wherever I go. The welded steel construction gives me confidence that my firearms are well-protected in case of a pry attack or if unwanted hands try to access them.

The high-strength locking mechanism is truly reassuring, and I appreciate the electronic lock and backup key to grant only authorized access. I love the foam interior that holds two guns and up to seven magazines with care, preventing any damage.

The security cable and mounting hardware also add another layer of security, and the fact that it meets TSA guidelines is a plus. My only complaint is the limited capacity, but overall, I’m glad I have this by my side for my firearm security needs.

Compact TSA-Approved Gun Safe with Security Cable — Gunvault NanoVault 300


The NanoVault 300 is an ideal choice for gun owners who prioritize both security and convenience. Its discreet, compact design allows it to be easily transported during travel or concealed at home. The 18-gauge steel construction is not only tamper-resistant, but also provides protection for your firearm and valuables. The combination of a 1,500-pound tested security cable and a key-lock system adds an extra layer of security.

The interior of the safe is lined with a soft foam that shields your gun from damage, regardless of where you choose to travel. Its TSA-approval makes it easy for gun owners to adhere to the regulations while maintaining the ability to transport their firearms securely.

However, the product does have some drawbacks. The lack of a covering for the combination mechanism introduces the possibility of accidental unlocking. Moreover, the smell emanating from the interior of the safe may be a concern for some users.

In conclusion, the NanoVault 300 offers a balance between security and portability, but it requires a bit more attention to its combination mechanism and interior scent. Nonetheless, it can be a sound investment for those seeking a convenient, secure solution for storing their firearms.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our buyer’s guide section for the Gunvault Microvault MV500. In this section, we’ll provide you with essential information to help you make an informed decision about purchasing this product. We’ll cover general features, considerations, and advice about the product category, without mentioning specific product picks or external resources.


Size and Portability

The Gunvault Microvault MV500 is designed with portability in mind. It is a compact and lightweight option that can fit easily into a purse or backpack, making it a great choice for individuals who need to carry a gun discreetly. Its small size makes it suitable for both men and women of various builds, but it is crucial to consider the specific dimensions and weight when comparing to other products in the same category.

Security Features

Security is a critical factor when selecting a gun safe. The Gunvault Microvault MV500 features an electronic lock with a digital keypad, ensuring that only authorized users can access the contents. The lock also includes a manual override function, allowing access in case of a power failure. It is essential to compare the security features of different products in this category to determine which one best suits your needs.


Construction and Durability

A reliable gun safe should be made of high-quality materials and constructed to withstand potential threats. The Gunvault Microvault MV500 has a solid steel construction with a powder-coated finish for increased durability and resistance to rust. When comparing products in this category, it is essential to consider the materials used, thickness, and overall build quality.


Accessibility is another critical consideration when selecting a gun safe. The Gunvault Microvault MV500 has a compact design that allows easy access, but it is essential to assess the visibility and ease of use of the keypad, as well as the overall size relative to your specific needs. Make sure to compare the accessibility features of different products in this category to find the one that best suits your requirements.



What is the Gunvault Microvault Mv500?

The Gunvault Microvault Mv500 is a gun safe that is designed to provide secure storage for handguns. It offers a compact, lightweight solution while still maintaining high-quality security features such as a programmable keypad and a drill-resistant steel body. This makes it a popular choice for gun owners who prioritize convenience and portability without sacrificing security.

The Microvault Mv500 is available in both black and gunmetal gray finishes, and it is equipped with a patented locking mechanism that provides users with peace of mind when it comes to protecting their firearms from theft or accidents. Additionally, the safe is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, ensuring customer satisfaction.


What are the dimensions of the Gunvault Microvault Mv500?

The Gunvault Microvault Mv500 has an external dimension of 10.2 x 6.5 x 3.5 inches, and its internal dimensions are 9.3 x 5.8 x 3 inches. Its compact size makes it easy to store in vehicles, purses, or at work, ensuring accessibility to your firearm when you need it most. Despite its small size, the safe can accommodate most standard-sized handguns, including semi-automatic and revolver models.

It’s essential to note that the dimensions may vary slightly depending on the model you choose or if you are measuring a custom-made one, but the general dimensions remain the same. Remember to always refer to the product specifications provided by the manufacturer for accurate measurements and compatibility.

What security features does the Gunvault Microvault Mv500 have?

The Gunvault Microvault Mv500 is equipped with several security features to protect your firearm. Firstly, it features a programmable digital keypad with a four-button access code, ensuring only authorized users can unlock the safe. This ensures that your firearm is protected from unauthorized access and keeps your family safe. The safe also features an audible alert when the correct code is entered, providing users with an additional layer of security.

Another important aspect of the Microvault Mv500’s security is its drill-resistant steel body. This means that even if someone were to attempt to break into the safe using a drill, they would be met with a solid steel barrier that is difficult to penetrate. The body of the safe also features reinforced hinges that are designed to resist prying or forced entry attempts. These features work together to provide you with a high level of security for your firearm.


How do I program the keypad on the Gunvault Microvault Mv500?

Programming the keypad on the Gunvault Microvault Mv500 is straightforward and can be done in just a few steps. First, locate the “program” button on the back of the safe, typically beneath the keypad. Press and hold this button for about 5 seconds until the keypad begins to flash, indicating that it is in programming mode.

Next, enter the new four-button access code. You can choose any code as long as it is not a factory default or previously programmed code. Once the new code is entered, the keypad will flash again, indicating that the code has been successfully programmed. Finally, press the “program” button one more time to exit programming mode. Now your Gunvault Microvault Mv500 safe is programmed with a new, personalized access code.

What is the weight of the Gunvault Microvault Mv500?

The weight of the Gunvault Microvault Mv500 varies depending on the specific model, but it generally weighs around 2.5 to 3.5 pounds. This weight is light enough to be easily portable without sacrificing security, making it a popular choice among gun owners who need a portable and secure firearm storage solution.

The lightweight nature of the Microvault Mv500 can also make it easier to carry or move for those who have limited mobility or need to store their firearm in multiple locations throughout the day. Regardless of the weight, the safe is still made from high-quality materials and features a robust security system to ensure the safety of your firearm.

What tools are needed for assembly of the Gunvault Microvault Mv500?

Assembly of the Gunvault Microvault Mv500 is typically straightforward and does not require any special tools. The safe comes pre-assembled, but you may need to attach the hinge mounts to your desired surface (such as a dashboard or purse) using the included screws and adhesive. Additionally, if you are setting up a custom-made one, some additional tools like a screwdriver or drill may be required.

If you are unsure about how to set up the safe or the assembly process, it’s best to consult the user manual provided with your purchase. The user manual will contain specific instructions for your particular model and will guide you through the assembly process step-by-step, ensuring that your safe is set up correctly and securely.